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Memory Wire

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Remembrance Brand Memory Wire

Made in the USA

The Remembrance brand memory wire is stainless steel memory wire made by Beadalon. Each package contains 1 ounce of memory wire. Beadalon is the creator and originator of Remembrance memory wire... Beware of imitators, it's just not the same!

WARNING: Do Not Use Your Good jewelry Cutter
Rememembrance Memory Wire is made from spring hardened stainless steel. This wire is extremely hard and it will damage your regular jewelry cutter. For best results, use our Memory Wire Shear when cutting memory wire. These cutters are available below or from our cutter page in the tool area. To see an easy to do project, visit our Beaders info page and take a look at the Memory Wire Bracelet Instructions using our Japanese Seed Beads.

Necklace size memory wire is ON SALE! $2 OFF per package!


Remembrance Brand Memory Wire

1 oz. Package

Made in the USA Remembrance Memory Wire is stainless steel wire, made into coils, and sized for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The diameters are given in ranges to account for the variations in the manufacturing process. Remembrance is made in the USA, and is the highest quality available. Remembrance is Beadalon's original memory wire. It is tempered stainless steel wire that is strong and thin so you can add beads and decorations to create fun fashion jewelry. Memory wire is rigid and tarnish resistant.  Like a spring, it retains it's shape. It will expand and contract to fit a variety of sizes. It's very hard wire. Use a memory wire shear to cut the memory wire. To create a quick piece of jewelry you can add beads and make a loop on the end of the wire to keep the beads in place. See our samples on the Memory Wire Construction Page.

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Remembrance Brand Memory Wire

6 x 1 oz. Packs

Six 1 oz packages of Remembrance Memory Wire. These are the same packages of memory wire as described above.
Save when you buy a 6 pack. Pick any 6 packs for your assortment.

Regular Size Necklace memory wire is ON SALE! $2.00 off.

Remembrance Memory Wire
stainless steel wire
Approximate Coils/Pack Coil Size Range Fits
1 oz Bracelet 75 1.75" 2.25" Kids under 10
1 oz Large Bracelet 60 2.25" 2.63" Average Adult
1 oz Extra Large Bracelet 50 2.63" 3.13" Large Adult
1 oz Necklace 36 3.63" 4.00" 13-17 inches
1 oz Extra Large Necklace 25 4.50" 5.13" 16-21 inches

Plated Steel Memory Wire
plated steel wire

Approximate Coils/Pack Coil Size Range Fits
1/2 oz Plated Large Bracelet 30 2.25" 2.63" Average Adult
1/2 oz Plated Ring
1/2 oz Plated Necklace
18 3.63" 4.00" 13-17 inches
1/3 oz Plated Oval Bracelet 15 Oval Shape (2.3x2.9) Adult to Lg Adult

The silver plated and gold plated memory wire comes in a half ounce package. This wire is spring hardened steel that is silver or gold plated. Because the wire is plated, the finish is a bright shiny metallic gold or silver color. It's great when you want the wire to show in your design.

Plated Memory Wire

Package size varies by shape

Silver plated or Gold plated finish
Available styles: Lg. Bracelet, Necklace, Ring, and Sampler Pack

Round shaped package contains 1/2 ounce of wire.
Oval shape package contain 1/3 ounce of wire

Plated memory wire is a carbon steel wire that has been plated with silver or gold color. It is made into coils, and sized for rings and bracelets. The diameters are given in ranges to account for the variations in the manufacturing process. This wire is ideal when you want the shimmer and shine of a plated wire. Use plated memory wire any time you want to show the wire as part of your design. This wire has a bright silver plated or gold plated finish with the familiar shape holding coils.



Bulk Pack of Plated Memory Wire

6 packages

This is 6 packages of the spring steel memory wire in gold or silver plated finish. You select the assortment of sizes you want.

Plated memory wire contains 1/2 ounce and comes in ring, large braceletd necklace size.
Oval shaped bracelet memory wire contains 1/3 ounce and comes in regular size for adults.

Buy in Bulk and Save. This is less than $2.85 per package.

ringmemwire.gif 0ut Memory Wire - 1.75 inch Plated Finish

1.75 inch diameter coil
Extra Small Bracelet Size
Silver plated finish on spring hardened steel wire
Approximately 12 coils per package.

This small sized, round, plated memory wire is excellent for making extra small bracelets but it is best for use making beaded hoop earrings or napkin rings.

Easy Hoop Earring Project
A coil of 1.75" memory wire
Two 5 or 6 mm jump rings
2 ear wires
Enough beads or crystals to cover the memory wire.
wire cutters
chain nose pliers
round nose pliers
Cut two loops of memory wire, make it a little over 1 full circle. Use a round nose pliers to form a small loop on one end of each loop. Fill both wire loops with crystals or beads and form a small loop on the last end of each loop. You want the two loops to line up so you can attach them using the jump rings. The memory wire should form a perfect circle if you've done it right.
Next use a jump ring and attach both ends of one loop to an ear wire. Repeat attaching with the second hoop. Viola, hoop earrings that are durable and easy to make.

memwireplier250.jpg Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
With 2 mm & 4 mm diameter ends
Beadalon created the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to make quick work out of finishing the ends of flat or round memory wire. You'll be able to make consistent loops on memory wire every time with these pliers. Place the memory wire in between the 4mm and 2mm ends of the pliers then bend in either direction (depending on what size loop you want). The memory wire bending pliers can also be used on other bendable craft wire to make consistent loops in either size.

"5 Beads"
Best Value Rated by BeadStuff!


Memory Wire Cutter

The Memory wire cutter is a hardened steel bypass style cutter. You'll get a better cut on your wire and it's easier on the hands.

WARNING: Don't chance ruining your good jewelry cutter. Memory wire is made from extremley hard spring steel. It will damage your regular jewelry cutter! The memory wire shear leaves a clean, safe to handle straight edge when you cut the wire.

"5 Beads" Best Value Rated by BeadStuff!

velour-tubing.jpg Velour Tubing
5.8 feet per package
3mm diameter
Available in Black or Brown
Velour tubing can be cut to length and it will fit over bead wire, memory wire, or head pins.

Click the drop down list to see the options.
rubbertubingmix.jpg Rubber Tubing
Hollow rubber tubing. 5 yards per coil
1.7mm diameter
Available in Black or Brown
Jewelry tubing can be cut to length and it will fit over bead cord or memory wire.

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