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Sterling Earring Components

earstopper.jpg EAR NUTS and EARRING STOPPERS
Earring stoppers save you the agony of losing one of your favorite earrings. Don't chance it when you can use an earring stopper. These clear vinyl ear stoppers come in two sizes: The regular size ear stopper works on 21 gauge and larger ear wires. The small size ear stopper will work best on 22 gauge and finer ear wires. The white rubber ear stopper will work on most ear wires; they have a little more "give" so they grip well on more sizes of ear wires.

Whether you call them rubber ear nuts, ear stoppers, an earring stopper or those little rubber thingy's, these work great to keep your ear hooks in place! Put these on all your earrings so they won't slip out of your ears and get lost. Designers can use them to keep earrings on display cards.

When you sell jewelry, think add-on sales! Bag up some ear stoppers in packs of 12 or 24 and sell them right next to your jewelry. You can buy small bags in our Supplies/Packaging area. Ear stoppers are a fantastic product. Once you use an ear stopper on the backs your earrings, you won't know how you lived without them. Earring stoppers are available in small quantities or in bulk packages.

ballpost4mm.jpg Sterling Earring Ball Post 4mm
10 or 24 pieces
4mm Ball
Earring back sold separately
Open Loop

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flatpostSS.jpg Sterling Earring Flat Post 6mm
10 pieces
Sterling Silver
Earring back sold separately
6mm Flat pad for gluing
earnutlight-md.jpg Sterling Earring Back - Light
12 pcs or 36 pcs
Light weight
Medium Size
Sterling Silver
Friction fit sterling silver ear nuts. Use these with most ear posts to secure the earring.

Select quantity
earstopperpoly.jpg 0ut of stock Ear Stopper Poly
Poly ribbed ear nuts.
These ear stoppers are made of translucent poly vinyl. They will fit most ear wires. They have a little more grip than the clear ear stopper. These ear stoppers are more stretchy than the other styles.

Poly ear stoppers come in packs of 1 gross, 3 gross, and 5 gross. Save when you buy poly earring stoppers in bulk.

EarStopperRegular.jpg Ear Stopper Clear Vinyl - regular hole
Quantity:150 pieces, 500 pieces, 1440 pieces, 10,000 pcs

Clear ribbed ear nuts with regular size hole.
These ear stoppers have the regular hole size so they fit 21 gauge or larger ear wires.

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EarStopperSmall.jpg Ear Stopper Clear Vinyl - small hole
Clear smooth ear nut with small size hole.
These ear stoppers have a smaller hole so they fit 22 gauge or smaller ear wires.
Small hole vinyl ear stoppers are available in packs of 144 pieces and 5 gross (720 pieces). Save when you buy ear stoppers in bulk.

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Save when you but a larger quantity.
EarStopperWhite.jpg Ear Stopper White Rubber
White smooth rubber ear nut.
These ear stoppers are made of white rubber. They will fit most ear wires. They have a little more give than the clear style ear stopper.

White ear stoppers are available in 1 gross or 3 gross packages.

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Save when you but a larger quantity.

endlesshoop.jpg Sterling Endless Earring Hoop 50mm
Sterling Hoop
4 pieces
50 mm diameter
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