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Metal Working Tools

V-PLHP15-300 Tool - Vintaj Punch Pliers 1.5mm
$15.00 $13.50 On Sale!

Vintaj 1.5mm hole punch pliers.
Ergonomic handles and replaceable bits.
We include an extra set of bits in each package.

Ideal for riveting and hole punching in, this pliers punches a 1.5 mm hole in filigree or metal stampings or flat sheet metal. It is capable of punching non ferrous metal up to 22 gauge thickness. This tool is not for punching holes in coins.

dblendpunch-300 Tool - Double Ended Punch 2.0 mm & 1.6 mm
$13.50 $11.50 On Sale!

Dual size hole punch. This punch will do both 1.6mm hole and 2.0mm holes.

Ideal for riveting and hole punching in, this punch can be used on thicker metals than the punch pliers.You can punch holes in filigree or metal stampings or flat sheet metal. It is capable of punching non ferrous metal up to 16 gauge thickness. This tool will punch non-zinc coins.

Made of hardened steel and tempered for making precision holes in soft metal up to 16 gauge! Screw action makes holes without deforming metal. Can also be used for leather, plastic & other materials. A perfect hole every time!

chasing-hammerFlat.jpg Tool - Flat Chasing Hammer
$11.50 $9.50 On Sale!
A chasing hammer has a flat face and a ball pein face. It is excellent for dapping, flattening, forming, shaping, and work hardening your metal projects.

thingamajig1.jpg Tool - Thing-A-Ma Jig Deluxe
$19.50 $15.50 On Sale!
The Thing-a-ma-jig is a 4x5 inch Aluminum Jig with an assortment of different size aluminum pegs. It's ideal for forming elaborate loops for earrings, ornaments, and links. You can us it with all types of wire. Includes sample templates and instructions. Click to View Wire

rubberblock.jpg Tool - Bench Block 4 x 4 Rubber
$8.95 $6.00 On Sale!
4 X 4 inch hard rubber block that is 1 inch thick.
Use this to work harden or shape materials without marring or deforming the metal. For best results use this with a leather or rubber mallet.

pinvise-300 Tool - Double Ended Pin Vise
Use to twist wire when wire wrapping. Can also be used to hold small drills and bits.

mandrelset.jpg Tool - Mandrel Wire Wrap Set
The set has two mandrels with 10 different sized diameters. It's like a set of 10 mandrels in two.

ringstick-blackaluminum.jpg Tool - Ring Mandrel 12 inch Black Aluminum
12" Long
Black Anodized Aluminum
This turned, aluminum ring mandrel measures sizes 1 to 15 by quarter size in US Standards. Pictured is the light aluminum color, but our current stock is black annodized. A ring stick is used to measure, size, and shape finger rings as well as to shape wire or flat ring stock for ring making.

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