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memwireplier250.jpg Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
With 2 mm & 4 mm diameter ends
Beadalon created the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to make quick work out of finishing the ends of flat or round memory wire. You'll be able to make consistent loops on memory wire every time with these pliers. Place the memory wire in between the 4mm and 2mm ends of the pliers then bend in either direction (depending on what size loop you want). The memory wire bending pliers can also be used on other bendable craft wire to make consistent loops in either size.

"5 Beads"
Best Value Rated by BeadStuff!

CzechMate75.jpg CzechMate 2 HOLE BEADS

CzechMates are produced in the Czech Republic and they come in a variety of finishes. CzechMates also come in multiple shapes. The shapes include Tiles, Bricks, Lentils, Daggers, and Triangles. All of the Czechmates have two holes that are designed to be combined together. They can also be used in other patterns where two holes through your bead are desired. The hole alignment on each of the beads matches to the others in the Czechmate series.

Visit our CzechMate Page

magic-univ.jpg Magical Crimp Pliers - Universal Size NEW ITEM!

This is the updated version of the magical crimp pliers! It's at a new lower price.

This crimper turns a 2x2 tubular crimp into a round crimp bead in seconds. For use with 2x2 sterling or gold filled crimp tubes. This unique tool may also work with good quality plated crimp tubes. Use on .015", .018", & .024" flex wire. Just a few easy steps will transform a 2mm crimp into a round bead.


Click here to view Crimp Beads.

looper.jpg Tool - One Step "BIG" Looper
Click on the image or title to view the One Step Looper animation.

This is the New larger size Beadsmith One Step "Big" Looper. This tool cuts and loops a wire or head pin in one motion! The One Step Bead Looper allows you to create & trim eye pins simply. It works well on wire or with head or eye pins. The One Step Looper Tool works with dead-soft or half-hard wire. You can use precious metal wire or craft wire, as well as gold or silver filled wire, copper wire, or brass wire and stainless wire. Suggested wire sizes range from 18 gauge to 26 gauge wire. Memory wire will damage the One Step Looper so be careful not to use that. The One Step "Big" Looper takes the worry about making consistent loops! The loops it forms measure 3 mm in diameter. The One Step Looper allows you to customize the length of your eye pins.

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10u31e5.gif 25% off Bling Pin Silver 7 Loop 4 pack
$2.50 $1.88 On Sale!
7 Loop Style
4 per pack
Silver tone

Net discount item: no additional discount applied to this item.

10u1ic3.gif 25% off Bling Pin 3 Loop Silver 6 pack
$2.50 $1.88 On Sale!
3 Loop Style
6 per pack
Silver tone

Net discount item: no additional discount applied to this item.

10u6c58.gif 25% off Bling Pin 3 Loop Gold 5 pack
$2.50 $1.88 On Sale!
3 Loop Style
5 per pack
Gold tone

Net discount item: no additional discount applied to this item.

brown.jpg Non Tarnish Round Colored Wire - Brown 24 gauge (Close Out 25% off)
$4.50 $3.38 On Sale!
24 ga brown
Net Price - no additional discount on this item
green.jpg Non Tarnish Round Colored Wire - Green
copper.jpg Non Tarnish Round Wire - Natural Copper
$7.50 $5.50 On Sale!
Natural Copper wire is copper wire that has been coated with flexible enamel to prevent tarnishing.
amber.jpg Non Tarnish Round Colored Wire - Amber (Close Out 25% off)
$4.50 $3.38 On Sale!
Net Price - no additional discount
alphabet.gif Sterling Alphabet Bead
$1.30 $0.91 On Sale!
CLOSE OUT ITEM 30% off the regular price
5.1 mm sterling letter beads
While supplies last, these are offered at a 30% discount

Our sterling silver alphabet beads are cube shaped with a large hole. They measure 5.1 mm. Use 5mm round sterling beads as spacers between them.

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EarStopperRegular.jpg Ear Stopper Clear Vinyl - regular hole
Quantity:100 pieces, 5 gross (720 pcs), 10 gross (1440 pcs) Clear ribbed ear nuts with regular size hole.
These ear stoppers have the regular hole size so they fit 21 gauge or larger ear wires.

Click the drop down list for options.
Save when you buy a larger quantity.
5309colorcosmo-lg.jpg Swarovski Crystal ON SALE #5309 Oval 8 mm Lt Olivene Cosmo Jet 12 beads
$8.50 $6.50 On Sale!
NOTE: These crystals are priced at the net discount price, no additional discount applies to this item.

These are colored crystal with black facets. We only have this bead in the Lt Olive Color with black facets. The picture shows other colors but they are not longer available. I have a supply of the Lt. Olivene color.

Select your quantity CLOSE OUT PRICES, no additional discounts apply to this item.

ltdutycutter.jpg Wire Cutter - Bargain Cutter
$7.00 $5.50 On Sale!
Light Duty Bargain Cutter
PVC handle with spring
Economy Cutter with Blue Euro-tech Handle

plr-chainnose-redpvc.jpg 0n Special Bargain Pliers Chain Nose
$6.50 $4.00 On Sale!
Special Purchase Item
Bargain Series Chain Nose Pliers
PVC Handles with springs (Handle Color may vary)
plr-roundnose-redpvc.jpg 0n Special Bargain Pliers Round Nose
$6.50 $4.00 On Sale!
Special Purchase Item
Bargain Series Round Nose Pliers
PVC Handles with springs. (Handle Color may vary)

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