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Japanese Bugle Beads

Packed: Large 6 inch tubes by 9/16" diameter
Contents: 22-24 grams per tube
Quantity: Varies by size
These are approximate values, quantities vary by color.

tw2012.KhakiIrisMat.jpg Bugle 2x12 Twisted Khaki Iris Matte
twbu-4381 Quantity   
r1bzvzc.jpg Bugle 1 Black
1bu-3052 Quantity   
bgl1BlackMat.jpg Bugle 1 Black Matte
1bu-2563 Quantity   
r1byiuo.jpg Bugle 1 Bronze
1bu-3288 Quantity   
Bugle 1 Crystal AB
1bu-7210 Quantity   
r1bzcyi.jpg Bugle 1 Gunmetal
1bu-3389 Quantity   
BGL1-turqmat.jpg Bugle 1 Turquoise
BGL1-goldmetiris.jpg Bugle 1-Gold Iris Metallic
1bu-4513 Quantity   
tw2712bronze.jpg Bugle 2.7x12 Twisted Bronze
twbu-3524 Quantity   
Bugle 2.7x12 Twisted Bronze Matte
twbu-3397 Quantity   
5211mix.jpg Bugle 2.7x12 Twisted Flat Iron Mix
twbu-5211 Quantity   
tw2712.mix.01.jpg Bugle 2.7x12 Twisted Jewel Tone Mix
twbu-3415 Quantity   
Bugle 2x12 Twisted Black
twbu-3396 Quantity   
tw2012blackAB.jpg Bugle 2x12 Twisted Black Matte AB
twbu-3875 Quantity   
Bugle 2x12 Twisted Cranberry Dyed
twbu-3392 Quantity   
Bugle 2x12 Twisted Crystal AB
twbu-3394 Quantity   
tw2012.patinairismat.jpg Bugle 2x12 Twisted Patina Iris Matte
twbu-4909 Quantity   
Bugle 2x12 Twisted Purple
twbu-3393 Quantity   
Bugle 2x12 Twisted Silver Lined Crystal
twbu-3390 Quantity   
Bugle 2x12 Twisted Silver Lined Gold
twbu-3395 Quantity   
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