"Everyone needs a few good beads!"

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Files and Reamers

reamer3bitset.jpg File - 3 in 1 Bead Reamer
Diamond coated reamer bits.
Includes aluminum handle that stores the bits. Bits include: 1-large, 1-small, and 1-45 degree angle bit.

fileset5.jpg File - 5 piece Jewelry File Set
5 piece Set
Ergonomic Handles
Assorted shapes included
A set of needle files is a must have tool for wire or metal work. Files are used to smooth and fit metal and wire pieces together before wire wrapping, forming, or soldering operations.

vintaj2file.jpg File - Vintaj #2 Flat File
#2 Metal File w/ Ergo Grip
This is a great file for shaping or smoothing wire or cut metal sheet. The handle ensures an easy grip with less hand fatigue.

b80ilu8u.gif File - Wire Rounder with Handle - 1.8mm
A cup burr mounted in a wooden handle. Used to smooth and round off the cut end of a wire so it is not sharp.

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