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elas05.jpg Elasticity Stretch Cord .5mm diameter (FINE)
0.5mm diameter
5 meter spool, 16.4 ft.
This is the thinnest size. Use this size for small holed beads or it works great if you double it over when using a needle to string the beads. This is the best elastic cord we've ever used. It's clear, strong, and stretchy.
elas0805.jpg Elasticity Stretch Cord 0.8mm diameter (MED)
0.8mm diameter
25 meters(82 ft) or 5 meter spool(16.4 ft)
This is the medium size diameter. It's the most popular size we sell. Use this size for crystals, Czech Glass, Stones, most small-medium sized beads fit on this size cord. This is the best elastic cord we've ever used. It's clear, strong, and stretchy.

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elas10.jpg Elasticity Stretch Cord 1.0mm diameter (THICK)
1.0mm diameters
5 meter spool (16.4 ft)
This is the thickest size Elasticity stretch cord. While this is the strongest elastic cord, this size is best for beads that have larger holes. The 1.0 size may be too large for many regular size beads.
ElastacordBeadThreader.jpg Elastacord Bead Threader 10.5 inch
$8.50 $6.00 On Sale!

10.5 inhes long
1 mm diameter
2 Threaders per package - includes instructions
Composition: Stainless Steel
Elastacord Threaders are designed to string beads on stretch cord. They also work well with silk, nylon, or cotton threads. The Elastacord threader is about 1mm in diameter It is not recommended for stringing small holed beads like pearls or gems with small holes. The Elastacord Threader lets you strings beads in 3 easy steps.

1) Thread beads on to the Elastacord Threader in design order.

2) Thread cord onto the hook end and pull the Elastacord Threader back through the beads.

3) Cut and knot your cord to finish.

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